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Door to success
Door to success

   Positively Impacting the Lives of our Associates, Employees, and Clients as we Grow Together as Partners.

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     Founded in 1979, Diversified Companies continually strives to make a positive impact in the lives of its associates, employees, and clients as we grow together as partners. 

     Diversified grows partnerships with its associates by providing a platform for new talent to learn a focused, tested and successful system. While providing an outstanding financial opportunity, all representatives are challenged by a mentor who encourages, trains and holds them accountable to surpass their personal goals. The companies we represent value our relationships and further our growth. 

      Each and every employee can expect, with Diversified as their partner, to be challenged to their fullest potential and be afforded every opportunity for growth and advancement. We will provide a secure and positive work environment where employees will love to come to work. 

      Our clients believe in our ability to meet their expectations while providing a valuable service. We will continue to strengthen our client partnerships by caring for their needs before ours. 

       Diversified is a nationally respected industry leader known for its commitment to clearly communicate moral and ethical values. We have, are, and always will be dedicated to being a family oriented company. 



     Social Security only pays $255 to a qualified dependent in the event of your passing. That is the equivalent of placing a Band-Aid on an Open Heart Surgery Incision.

   About 2 out of 3 bankruptcies in the US are related to medical bills. Although ObamaCare regulates insurance, it was not able to regulate costs as well as everyone might have hoped.  

     Homeowners over 50 are falling into foreclosure at the fastest pace of any age group because women are outliving their spouses...

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